The Latest Understanding Around Persistent Pain

I have been looking into the latest theories and research regarding persistent (I’m choosing to not use the nocebic word chronic) pain recently. Here are some pearls of wisdom that I have gathered than might cultivate some curiosity in you:

*The majority of persistent pain is much more likely to be coming from the nervous system than from tissue damage.

*Pain tells us that there is a problem but it often doesn’t tell us what the problem is, where it is, or how bad it is.

*Depression, fear, rumination and worries about injury can be correlated with pain.

*The Biopsychosocial model is very important when trying to address persistent pain.

*It’s pretty normal to have some back pain at certain times but it’s your response to it that is most significant.

*The majority of people shouldn’t expect to be 100% pain free all of them time. Experiencing some pain is a normal part of being human.

*Pain could be looked at as all the mechanical loads AND all the emotional stressors in your life exceeding your perceived ability to adapt to these.

*Pain is often more about sensitivity than actual tissue damage.

*Often understanding and acknowledging pain is desensitising.

I highly recommend looking up Greg Lehman if you’d like to read more about pain. On his website he very generously offers access to a 70 page booklet that he has put together on this topic!