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Applied Anatomy for Yoga Teachers + Trainees: Two Daylong Workshops, Dublin

  • YogaHub 27 Camden Place Dublin, County Dublin Ireland (map)

For yoga teachers + yoga teacher trainees


Saturday: Using Anatomy to Refine + Empower Your Practice + Teaching

Teaching yoga can often be just as challenging as it is rewarding. With busy classes, high turnover and lots of students who are new to yoga coming to class it can be easy for yoga teachers to feel isolated and overwhelmed, often not knowing where to turn to for support with the many questions we have.

This daylong workshop offers a space to ask the questions that you never seem to get the opportunity to ask. We’ll cover a variety of different topics with the aim of deepening your own yoga practice and refining and empowering your teaching so that it is inclusive and informed by the most up to date research on movement.

With a mixture of discussion, lecture, group work and asana practice we will explore many areas:

• Dispelling yoga myths and becoming clear about the meaning behind what we say in class by looking at some of the latest scientific research

• Using anatomical knowledge to refine the language that we use as teachers

• Asana practice to demonstrate how to blend knowledge of anatomy into a class

• Making yoga inclusive by focusing on accurate cueing instead of precise cueing

• Discussing hot topics such as locking joints, squaring the hips in twists, the use of Glutes in backbends

• What limits us in certain asana, what are the stretch reflexes and how to apply a knowledge of fascia to the asana practice

Sunday: Supporting Injured Students

As a teacher it can often be challenging to know exactly how to support students who come to your yoga class with an injury. This workshop aims to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to be able to approach, support and empower students with common injuries.

In this six hour workshop we will:

1) discuss the most common injuries and medical conditions that students present to class with
2) look at basic guidelines for the best way to approach a student who has an injury
3) review the anatomy of the parts of the body that are most commonly injured
4) address how specific asana can be modified or supported with props depending on certain injuries
5) discuss simple techniques for helping students to strengthen and stabilise injured areas of their body

There will be a mixture of discussion, lecture, group work and practical demonstration.

Daily schedule: 12.30pm - 3.00pm and 4.00pm - 6.30pm

Each day counts towards CPD requirements for Yoga Alliance US members (5 contact hours each).

"The workshops with Andrew were fantastic. I really got so much from them. My own practice and teaching has become so much more informed." Kylie P

"For anyone practising or teaching yoga who is keen to increase their practical understanding of anatomy within yoga I can't recommend Andrew's training enough. Really accessible, inspiring and enjoyable." Anna T