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Anatomy + Physiology Applied to Yoga: A Two Part Immersion, Bath

  • Bath Yoga Studio Norfolk Buildings Bath, England, BA1 United Kingdom (map)

For yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees or yoga practitioners with at least a one year of consistent practice


In this immersion we will explore in detail the anatomy and physiology of our body applied to practising and teaching yoga. All the areas covered are related directly back to the asana practice. The sessions are interactive and experiential with lots of group work and there is strong focus on using anatomy to make asana practices as inclusive as possible. A detailed manual is included and there will be homework to ensure personal integration.

The immersion is ideal for those with an established practice, who want to learn more about the human body, go deeper in their yoga practice and develop alignment cues that are accurate and inclusive. We will explore anatomy to a depth that is appropriate for teaching yoga.

By the end of the two days you will feel inspired and have the confidence to analyse any yoga asana with a clear understanding of the key actions and alignment principles and how to work with your own unique anatomy and that of your student.

Day 1: An Introduction to Intelligent Movement Principals + A Detailed Exploration of the Lower Limbs

Areas covered in day 1 include: 

  • An introduction to muscle looking at its structure and function and how we can apply the knowledge of stretch reflexes to deepen our practice

  • The structure and function of bone and joints looking at both the importance and limitation of alignment and what limits our movement

  • How a knowledge of fascia can impact our movement on and off the mat

  • Anatomical language and how this can help us to remember the names of some of our muscles

  • An exploration of our feet and ankles looking at their structure and function and how we can apply this knowledge on and off the mat

  • Why our knee joints may be vulnerable to injury and how to support them

  • A detailed look at the hip joints focusing on what makes each of us so unique

Day 2: A Detailed Exploration of the Upper Limbs and Spine + Why Yoga Makes Us Feel So Good

Areas covered in day 2 include: 

  • The importance of shoulder girdle mobility and stability in our yoga practice

  • Shoulder impingement and hyperextension of the elbow joint

  • An exploration of our pelvis and sacro-iliac joints and how to keep this pivotal part of our body supported during asana

  • The lumbar spine and intervertebral discs

  • The anatomy of our core musculature

  • Our thoracic spine and tips to increase mobility here

  • Keeping our cervical spine supported during inversions

  • How yoga impacts our neurological and respiratory system

Friday 30th November, 11.00am – 2.00pm + 2.45pm – 5.45pm

Friday 7th December, 11.00am – 2.00pm + 2.45pm – 5.45pm

This immersion counts towards CPD requirements for Yoga Alliance US members (12 contact hours plus 1 non-contact hour).

"The workshops with Andrew were fantastic. I really got so much from them. My own practice and teaching has become so much more informed." Kylie P

"For anyone practising or teaching yoga who is keen to increase their practical understanding of anatomy within yoga I can't recommend Andrew's training enough. Really accessible, inspiring and enjoyable." Anna T